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Finding the perfect gifts for dad can be a challenge, especially when he’s passionate about traveling. You’d want to give him the best, and it’s often confusing to choose from the many options out there.

Dads who love to travel only need one thing: a bag they can count on. They’re not usually heavy packers and would only bring what they absolutely need. And this Father’s Day, you can celebrate his adventurous spirit with something that matches his style, personal needs, and specific travel habits. 

Here’s a curated list of must-have travel bags to give you gift ideas this Father’s Day.

  1. A three-way business bag
    For efficient business traveler dads

    Dads who are always on the go for work need a business bag that is as versatile as he is. Think: one bag that transforms into a laptop case, a shoulder bag, and a backpack! Its unique functionality allows for easy packing and accessibility, making it a convenient carry-on option no matter what type of business trip he may have.

    Venture 3-Way Business Case
    By Gregory
    ₱10,990.00 only


  2. A mono-sling backpack
    For versatile traveler dads

    For dads who switch seamlessly between leisure and business, a sling backpack is a great fit. It's stylish enough for business meetings and practical enough for weekend getaways. Make sure to choose a color that he loves, or stick to the classics to make it a timeless staple in his travels.

    Lepic Mono Sling Backpack
    By Delsey Paris
    ₱9,990.00 only 

  3. A briefpack
    For tech-savvy dads

    If your dad is always plugged in, watching his favorite shows, or window shopping tech gears online, getting him a briefpack for Father’s Day is a good idea. It can keep his gadgets, camera, and tech accessories safe and easily accessible no matter what the occasion. It's going to be the compact, efficient, and functional bag he didn’t know he needed.

    Aoede Briefpack
    By Osprey
    ₱8,990.00 only

  4. A classic waistpack
    For weekend adventurer dads

    Having a reliable waistpack is perfect for dads who take weekend trips frequently, or just love to go out for fun. Get him a versatile and durable waistpack he can easily bring to his getaways, ideally something super small but still has ample storage.

    Packable Waistpack
    By Eagle Creek
    ₱1,690.00 only

  5. A sturdy luggage
    For explorer dads

    For dads who love to take extended vacations and explore new destinations with the whole family, a sturdy luggage is the most ideal Father’s Day gift. Get him one that’s built to withstand rough travel conditions, but still stylish and spacious enough to match his personality and needs.

    Pocket Liner 2 Luggage
    By Ace
    ₱37,990.00 only

    Rempart Anthracite Luggage
    By Delsey Paris
    ₱26,990.00 only

    Cubo 26cm Luggage
    By Lojel
    ₱22,990.00 only
    Lapland Luggage
    By World Traveller
    ₱9,190.00 only


Bonus Gift Idea

Iloj Key Holder
By Lojel

Dads are often men of many hobbies. This key holder will help him organize all his keys for his every hobby. It’s compact, efficient, and it can fit in any type of bag you’ll get him!

Finding the perfect Father's Day gift for a travel-loving dad should be challenging and fun at the same time. For sure, you’ll find something that fits your dad's travel needs and personal style at or any of The Travel Club stores nationwide. 

Celebrate your dad’s adventurous spirit and help him travel in comfort and style by getting him the right gift. Happy Father's Day!

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