Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Forget Travel Insurance

By Pioneer Insurance

It’s easy to overlook or even forget travel insurance. You might be confident about your glitch-free rating (so far), or about the fact that you’re the most responsible traveler in your barkada or your family.

But Murphy’s Law being Murphy’s Law, what would have been a highly anticipated barkada trip to Davao might instead be remembered for that friend who had to borrow some of your clothes because their luggage got left behind. Or a family trip to Taiwan could instead be remembered for the sudden trip to the clinic because your legs cramped up after climbing Elephant Mountain. Murphy’s Law can strike anyone—at any time and anywhere—so really, it’s best to just be prepared for anything.

Here are the top three travel issues that the right travel insurance can help you deal with:

1. Baggage Loss
Ever arrived at the airport and your bag is nowhere to be found? Don’t worry! As long as you have written proof from an involved party (i.e., the airport administration, if you lose your bag at the airport; or the police, if your bag is stolen) to verify that your items were indeed missing or stolen, your policy can cover the lost articles of clothing, among other things. Just remember to pack only what you need. If you packed your entire wealth and household in one suitcase, that won’t be covered anymore!

2. Flight Delay or Flight Cancellation
Are you one of those who think plane time equals nap time? But imagine if: you doze off even while waiting at the terminal, wake up in a daze, nap again, and wake up to discover that your flight’s been delayed for hourrrrrrs! If you had the right travel insurance, you’d get paid a certain amount for delays of at least six hours. While no one can pay back the time you lost, at least you’ll be covered in case you need to pay for meals or hotel accommodations.

3. Medical Treatment
If you ever get severe dehydration while driving through the sand dunes of Ilocos, or accidentally trip off the Great Wall of China and hurt your leg, or find yourself in any situation that requires medical treatment—as long as it’s not caused by buwis-buhay selfies or anything extreme or crazy—your travel insurance can cover those medical expenses. That includes paying for the medical professional, any possible confinement, medicines, and other procedures. (We know how expensive

The bottomline is: when you’re traveling—whether it’s for leisure or for business—you’d really rather focus on your agenda and on the memories you’re making. Like a true friend, SafeTrip will tell you what’s covered and what’s not, so in the unfortunate event that you do need to make a claim, you’ll know that someone has your back.

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