This 2023, travel has opened up again. However, a lot has changed in the ways we see travel. 

For one, the threat of COVID-19 in the past couple of years taught us just how precious life is. And now, we are more inclined to spend our time in more meaningful ways. With this renewed view comes the appreciation for more profound experiences. 

That’s why actively participating in purposeful travel is the way to go this year. Purposeful travel is a mindset wherein a traveler aims to make every travel opportunity one that expands growth both inward and outward. Think of it as traveling not just to go somewhere but to immerse yourself in enriching experiences to enhance your life. And with each journey, you’ll discover more sides to yourself and live life more brilliantly.

Whether you want to spend time with rescued animals or work on healing your inner child, we list down the many ways purposeful travel can elevate your future journeys. 

Experience wild connections

Surrounding yourself with the magnificent creatures of the Earth will always be an amazing experience. Visit sanctuaries like Laos’ Mekong Elephant Park which is like a retirement home for rescued gentle giants or our very own Danjugan Island Sanctuary in Negros Negros Occidental that helps protect the local flora and fauna. These experiences connect you to Mother Nature on a whole ‘nother level.

Conquer your limits

Everyone has a list of things they want to do that might be a bit out of the usual. Still, life is meant to be experienced, that's why from time to time, we have to challenge ourselves to do something wickedly out there. Conquer your fear of heights by riding hot air balloons at Cappadocia or try freediving while surrounded by schools of fish at Moalboal. At the end of the day, every chance you don’t take becomes a great regret, so get out there and add excitement to your life!  

Live like a local 

To see things like a local is one of the more genuine ways of experiencing a place. Imagine being part of their daily routines and knowing people on a deeper level. Community-based tourism is a growing trend that allows you to live with the locals just like in Thailand. Locally, you can also enjoy a hiking tour along Mt. Purro that includes learning about the Dumagat people. With trips like this, you get exposed to their stories and leave with a sense of fulfillment.

Uncover your passions

Another way of immersing yourself in different cultures is through their art. Practiced for centuries, there are many time honored art traditions that will help you appreciate life more. You can try your hand at making flowers come alive through Ikebana workshops in Japan or learn about the colorful zellige tiles of Morocco. Enjoying these art forms may unlock new passions that will expand your soul and add more vibrance to your days.

Savor flavor stories

There’s nothing like knowing a place through its food. Get to know Italy and its traditions on a more intimate level by savoring heirloom pasta recipes made by the nonnas. You can also slurp down Palawan’s tamilok and go down a unique gastronomic journey. Whether you’d go for the classics done by the masters themselves or you’re up for a delightfully adventurous route, your taste buds and your heart will thank you for giving them such experiences to behold. 

Mend your body and soul

Give your soul the healing it needs with a rejuvenating retreat. Across the globe, there are many providers of wellness experiences that will help you deal with daily stress. Mexico’s Four Seasons Punta Mita offers a soulcation via reborn mud rituals and chakra balancing therapies, among others. Locally, Cebu’s Badian Island Wellness Resort revitalizes the body via healing spa treatments, organic food, and their unique Thalasso Pool treatment. So, if you are one of those weathered by the everyday, a healing trip will do you wonders.

Go the rewarding path 

Travel changes you in many ways. It has the power to be a catalyst for change that goes from the inside to the outside. When you visit the Masungi Georeserve in Rizal lets you experience firsthand tree-planting and tree nurturing activities. Meanwhile, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you can join a Baby Sea Turtle Hatching Tour that elevates your trip to worthwhile moments.

There are many routes to purposeful travel with each adding wonder and significance in different ways. At the center of it all is you— the traveler finding meaning with every step, every experience. 

When we travel with more significant intentions, we let ourselves grow, expand, and thrive. As we start our new travels, we open ourselves to possibilities. And once we are lost in the moment, we find ourselves embracing the world meaningfully.

We discover more about ourselves with every journey we take. We uncover new sides to our souls, bringing wonder to our days. This positive transformation flows inside out— creating a ripple of change that makes life even more vibrant and precious for you and other people. 

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